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Nowadays we do not suffer from the lack of the provision of religious studies, but the number of students in this field continues to increase day by day. Unfortunately, most of the systems of these religious studies may fail to take the spirit of religion rooted in their minds and impart the Islamic values and the noble tradition of Prophet (S) to them so that it shall be reflected in their day-to-day life. Hence we see some of such students deviate from the true path of Islam, without knowing Allah at its right way and without practicing the Islamic values and Prophets teachings in their personal life and regular activities. This is a crisis that has hindered the development of the Muslim community, and to find solution for the same is inevitable. The only way to treat the aforesaid crisis is to chasten the souls and to purify the hearts.Fathul Fathah centre, located in the village of Attippatta, Kerala, India, and founded under the leadership and guidance of the wise and virtuous Islamic Scholar, late Sheikh Muhiyiddin bin Abdul Qayyoom, May Allah’s mercy be upon him, offers a solution to this crisis, and the Centre has initiated effective steps to achieve this heavy goal.

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